Stanislav Lyudkevych – the Artist of Universal Talent




Stanislav Lyudkevych’s creative activity, leading and auxiliary activities, coordinate and subordinate connections between types of activities, an artist’s activity-personal profile, the principle of activity dualism


The relevance of the study is due to the fact that the universalism of the creative personality of S. Lyudkevych (despite his huge contribution to the history of Ukrainian music) is still not disclosed and properly evaluated.

Main objective of the study is to form a representation of the creative individuality of S. Lyudkevych by correlating of various types of his creative activity at different stages of his creative biography.

Methodology of research:

  1. system analysis and comparison of different types of creative activity of S. Lyudkevych at different periods of his creative biography;
  2. determination of leading and auxiliary types of his creative activity;
  3. modeling the pattern of systemic relationships between different activities;
  4. identification of key creative events of the creative biography of a musician;
  5. a sketch of the characteristic features of the individual creative appearance of the artist.

Main results and conclusions. Five types of S. Lyudkevych’s activities formed his activity-personal profile. Two type of activity (performance, pedagogy) were auxiliary, the rest were leading. Each type of activity contained significant internal branches. The principle of activity dualism determined the peculiarity of the artist’s phenomenon of the creative universalism. Author proposed a new version of the periodization of S. Ludkevych’s creative way and revealed the qualitative content of each period. Also the author concluded that the unity of S. Lyudkevych’s activity-personal profile was the result of the artist’s constant interest to the synthesis of music and words, as well as the works of T. Shevchenko. The significance of the research lies in the perspective of its results for the formation of a new, personality-oriented, concept of the history of Ukrainian music.


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