Andrey Shtogarenko’s third symphony (“Kyivan”): analysis experience in the light of musical epic

Oksana Sergіeva


Till present time no professional profound analysis of musical-epic specifics of the third symphony (“Kyivan”) have been done in Ukraine and that determines the topicality of the article. The aim of the researchis the study of the Third symphony («Kyivan») of Andrey Shtogarenko from the position of musical epic. A special way of constructing an epic integrity is singled out – a narrative about events that forms the plot of a composition in which the epic modus is actualized. It is noted that the narrative of the epic plan is often predetermined by the program formulated in the title of the composition. The evidence of this was the name of the symphony.

The methodology of the research is based on the combination of various approaches. The historic and cultural, as well as musical methods were applied for identifying of historic retrospective of Ukrainian culture development, in particular musical, focused in the title of the symphony – “Kyivan”. These methods helped to study eventive narration of epic plan of musical and art union, conditioned by the program. Philological method was used for definition of semantics of some titles of musical-performing terms and musical instruments, actualizing epic positioning. Musical-theoretic method was used in complex poetic analysis of symphony musical epic from the standpoint of thematic, harmonic language, facture, volume and temp dynamics. The genre-stylistic method allowed to specify and characterize genre-stylistic view of musical and epic unity of the composition from the perspective of positioning of communicative and objective, group (collective) type of art expression. Herewith the methods of comparative and interpretation analysis were highly applied.


The Third symphony («Kievan») of Andrey Shtogarenko; musical epic; narration; plot; epic modus; conservative epic representative


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