Musical education in halychyna during the lysenko’s period

Nataliia Kobryn


Relevance of the study. The establishment of the Ukrainian institutional framework for professional music education was an achievement of great significance in the national artistic development of Halychyna in the second half of the nineteenth and the twentieth century.

The main objective of the study. The aim is to investigate the directions of development, stages of formation and features of the functioning of the Ukrainian institutional branch of musical education in Galicia in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Research methodology and how the study was done. The historiographical method and the method of primary sources were used to investigate the facts about music education in the relevant documents and publications. The information in various documents was analyzed by the comparative methods. Also, the historical method was used to study and reconstruct the development of Ukrainian musical-educational institutions.

Results. Being developed in the context of Austro-Hungarian school system Ukrainian music education of Halychyna combined private and private-institutional educational establishments. In L’viv alone as of 1900 there were more than 30 schools funded by registered owners or by music societies, including Ukrainian ones. The political and social status of Ukrainians in Halychyna, the national composition of cities and towns, the relationship between people interested in music, traditional forms of musical education, world artistic and educational trends as well as a rich concert life were important factors in developing Ukrainian music education.

Conclusions. Finally, a separate institutional branch of Ukrainian music education represented by the regional network of affiliates of the Mykola Lysenko Higher Music Institute was formed in Halychyna in the second half of the nineteenth and the early of twentieth centuries. It was based on a rather complex interaction of national traditions, the Austro-Hungarian musical-educational system and world artistic trends. Thus formed, this specific conglomerate was very influential in the subsequent evolution and current state of Ukrainian music education in Halychyna.


musical education in Halychyna; mass music education; Ukrainian music schools; regional network of music schools; Mykola Lysenko Higher Music Institute affiliates


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